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  • 9783660275872
  • Labusch Ramon
  • 1. Auflage 2013
MOTIVATION - INSPIRATION - VISION Just begin - your Energy and Motivation will follow! We are... mehr
MOTIVATION - INSPIRATION - VISION Just begin - your Energy and Motivation will follow! We are Gorgeous Business-Motivation-ART: Twelve Energy-Artworks - designed by the Energy-Artist Ramon Labusch - are selected to support your SELF-MOTIVATION, inspiring your BUSINESS-EFFICIENCY. The Business-ART-Inspirations act like word-affirmations, going in contact with your inner holistic energy-systems harmonically. There is a figurative language and color-vibration, which is deeply energizing your motivational sensitivity, giving encouragement and self-motivation in times when needed. Looking at the energy-artworks in the ascending order (Artwork No. 01 to No. 12), they are telling the history about your inner and outer private progress and also your commercial development. These twelve steps encourage you, how to make your inner world of feelings and emotions more sensible and balanced, while providing you gently in a positive and sustainable active way: „My self-confidence and my courage for AUTHENTICITY (Artwork No. 01) support my Body-ENERGY-Systems (No. 02). VISIONS (No. 03) feel freed, going to upgrade themselves. This activates my communication-ability and my TEAM-SPIRIT (No. 04). Besides, I attain the inner qualification for delegation. I become aware of the global context and networking, while feeling the upcoming TRANSFORMATION (No. 05). More and more I get a balanced sensitivity for my inner power and life-vitality. This is the way to create true MOTIVATION (No. 06) in myself. Moreover I attain veritable CONFIDENCE (No. 07) and a free chosen loyalty for my team. I become uncompromised true to my colleagues and to the superior authorities. The CONCENTRATION (No. 08) of my inner strength, my mental power and the acceptance of my suppressed EMOTIONS (No. 09), now unite in a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS (No. 10) and a RESPONSIBILITY (No. 11) for me and my next. The final conclusion is a positive and self-arranged Energy-DYNAMIC (Artwork No. 12), which is aimed in a field of success: the win-win-situation for all partners is fulfilled!” Ramon Labusch: Famous international Energy-ART-Designer and Energy-Artist for intuitive, visionary and fantastically Energy-ART. Business-ART-Shop: Energy-ART-Website: Energy-ART-Shop: Flipart: a creation of the Calvendo Publishing Company. Flipart products are poster books, that is “books to hang on the wall.” They consist of a minimum of 14 wire-bound sheets on which images and writing are printed, but with no calendar grid. They are less demanding than posters because they don’t need a frame to look good, and they are more diverse because just flipping over the page gives you a new motif. We’re talking Flipart!
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