Montana Big Sky Country / UK-Version

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  • 9783660467031
  • Del Luongo Claudio
  • 1. Auflage 2013
Montana. Larger than the United Kingdom, less inhabitants than towns like Glasgow, Leeds or... mehr
Montana. Larger than the United Kingdom, less inhabitants than towns like Glasgow, Leeds or Sheffield. Huge and rugged Rocky Mountains, endless plains and forests, countless deep blue lakes and thundering waterfalls, old mining and ghost towns, wild horses but also grizzlies, mountain lions, wolves and buffalos. A trip through the stunning breathtaking nature of this truly special state of the American West. Flipart: a creation of the Calvendo Publishing Company. Flipart products are poster books, that is “books to hang on the wall.” They consist of a minimum of 14 wire-bound sheets on which images and writing are printed, but with no calendar grid. They are less demanding than posters because they don’t need a frame to look good, and they are more diverse because just flipping over the page gives you a new motif. We’re talking Flipart!
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